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My Latest Release

Sedgi channels his creative energies into the form of music through his skills as producer, songwriter and instrumentalist.

Hailing from Liverpool, which he coined the city of the river, Sedgi has always found inspiration for his art from looking out across the water and letting his mind float across the waves. Self produced, performed and published; his track I Feel Fine, which he released accompanied with Flowers, is his first official release on Spotify, which he curated for the Year one Album, after being invited to contribute by Futureworks Music. I Feel Fine is particularly smooth track with mellow vibes and delicately catchy lyrics that sink deep into the mind and warm the heart, it is also a fan favourite when Sedgi performs live. Though he only has two tracks on Spotify right now his song list is vast, with a whole host of other tracks Sedgi has produced over the years. These remain in the virtual exosphere of the internet including Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube. Long time fans of Sedgi will always be excited whenever his DJ Ozade loads a classic track like Too High To Die on the decks. 

                                  As well as making his own music, he also offers his talents to musicians he deems to be making great waves in the scene; Sedgi lends his smooth fingers to play bass for The Sun Sleepers, the soon infamous Abi Rose Kelly’s backing band. The collective has performed all across venues in Liverpool including  The Cavern Club which was once shared with the Arctic Monkeys and the legendary Beatles. As well as this they have performed across Manchester and warrington, headlining Rivfest, the festival held In Memory Of Viola Beach.

Sedgi owes his love of creation to the most significant women to bless his life; His Mother Lisa and his Nan Nora. His mother, a wild, free and  ferocious woman bestowed him a spirit which can never be exstinguished, teaching him to fight for what he believes in and to never be afraid of being himself. She was an accomplished dancer, trained to the highest level of ballet in London, she also explored street dancing, tap dancing and many other forms of expression. His Nan had a heart of gold and love of nature, his fondest memories of her are the times spent in her kitchen exploring her vinyl collection, digging into Elvis and Jackson 5 LP’s and jiving together, She always had the stove bubbling with the most delicious wonders. After losing both his mother and his nan Sedgi life and therefore his music was changed forever, awakening a purpose in him to explore his mind and spirit through music and meditation, this is reflected in Sedgi’s lyrics which examine topics of Grief, depression, loneliness and finding ones self in life.

Sedgi’s influences are drawn from far and wide, new and old and cross genre boundaries; King Krule, The Beatles, Flatbush Zombies are just to name a few from a very long list. Sedgi began learning rock and indie songs on guitar but over the years developed an affinity for Jazz and Soul and also explores music from all over the world such as Japan, India, Portugal and many more. This blend is surely the reason for his delectable music pallet.