Sedgi is an independent artist that produces all of his own work. He began making music in 2017 to cope with the loss of his beloved Mother. Without any musical training, he creates his songs using feel rather than strict technique, this is how he is able to capture such a raw and relatable emotion in his music. As well as this, Sedgi likes to explore sonic textures experimenting with natural field recordings and other elements. He likes to spend time in nature and cares a lot about mindfulness and meditation which is why his energy can be considered soothing to his listeners.

What Gear am I Using?

I tend to start most of my ideas in a traditional way, sat on my bed or in the garden with my acoustic guitar. However, they don’ t always start this way, I can get inspired anywhere; from sounds I am hearing on a walk or in the kitchen. I like to hum a lot of ideas into the voice memo on my phone or into my handy Zoom H1n recorder. The heart of my production is a 2012 MacBook Pro, I use this to record, mix and master all my music. The microphone I used on all my tracks up to date is a Rode NT1-A, it gives a nice warm tone on vocals and acoustic guitar and I run this through a Behringer audio interface. For monitoring I use Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and a pair of Rokit KRK5 speakers. Of course, I have my guitars, a bass, and an M-Audio MIDI keyboard for playing synth parts. The latest edition to my gear list is a Roland SP-404 SX linear sampler. It is 24 onboard FX units like a chorus and delay and many other weird and wonderful things which I use to give my sound some unique sonic qualities. It can also be used as a standalone production studio in place of a laptop, the track “Spiced Rum” was made entirely using the SP-404.